Form Builder error : Cannot read property 'container' of undefined


I was working on a form adding conditional logic and I had misclicked a few times with the "and/or" buttons and it seems to have created an error where I can no longer access the form for editing. The issue should be resolved if the conditional logic rule that was last worked on could be deleted, but I can't edit the form and I'm getting the following error:

Cannot read property 'container' of undefined





This error usually occurs when the changes made to the form have not been saved properly and you would see deploy errors when clicking on the "view deploy errors" button. The form is in a state where it can't be edited to remove or modify the rule in order to fix the error.

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Please follow the steps mentioned below in order to fix the error and get the form back to an editable state:

1. Go to the form page and hover over the dropdown button next to the form name


2. Delete the "Unsaved Draft" version of the form as that is the unstable version that is causing the error.


3. Please make sure you only delete the "unsaved draft" version of the form. You would then be taken to the previous draft version of the form. In the above example, version 1.3 of the form would be restored as this was the last version that was saved properly.

4. You should now be able to edit the form and make any required changes.

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