Required field came through on Submission blank



Why did a field in my Form that is marked as a required question come through with no answer?



Troubleshooting Steps

There are potentially many different reasons that your required field came through blank. Please go through the following troubleshooting steps. 

  1. Ensure the Conditional Logic rules you have on this Form do not contradict having this field set to required. For example having a rule that sets this field to not visible will ensure the question comes through blank. 
  2. Confirm the question is not on a page that could be ignored by conditional logic 
    • Conditional logic can override the Required status on a question. If a question is set to both Hidden on Device and Required, and is on a page that has conditional logic showing or hiding the page, then data may not be pushed to the question and the user is unable to interact with it. If a user does not interact with a question or page, the validation or data pushes may not occur. Some occurrences of this can be resolved by selecting the Always Submit Page Data option as demonstrated here. 
  3. Check the Data Source to see if a value that was meant to be pushed into this field is indeed there 
  4. Ensure the user is running on all of the latest software both for their device and the app itself 

If none of these steps help please contact Support and send your logs to us as well as giving us the Data Record ID so we can look into the actions taken at the time this happened. 

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