Troubleshooting: "Items not downloaded" error message


I have an error message on my iPhone that shows "Items not downloaded". What does it mean and how do I fix it?



  1. A user is in a group that used to have a form in it. Now that the form is archived, the server is still queuing it to be downloaded in a users device.
  2. A user in in a group with archived forms that aren't in deployable states.


Error meaning

This error message is flagging because your device is expecting to download a certain number of items that the server assigned it (forms, data sources, dispatches etc.). The reason it is flagging your device is because what the device is expecting to download isn't able to be downloaded for various reasons.



To get to the root of the issue, send your error logs to support. From there, Support will sift through to find which items cannot be downloaded and figure out what they are related to in the portal. After that, a decision would have to be made on whether to delete the form that is causing the issue or to address the issue if applicable. 

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