Can V2 Forms Dispatch into V1 Forms?

 Note: Version 1 forms are no longer editable. For more information, see the V2 Forms FAQ.


I have recently updated one of my Forms to V2. This form used to dispatch into a V1 form, and the new V2 Form dispatches answers into a different Form that is still using the V1 version. Can My V2 Form Dispatch into a separate V1 Form without issue? 



There are a few factors to consider when updating a Form to V2 which Dispatches into a V1. Does the initiator Form use Conditional Logic or does it have a Repeatable Section? If the answer is yes to either of these questions than the V2 Form will not be able to Dispatch into a V1 Form. 

Though there may be some very basic Forms that might still work when Dispatching information from one V2 Form to another V1 Form, this is not something we recommend doing. It is best practice to ensure all Forms are running on the same version to negate any errors or odd behaviours such as missing information. 

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