Announcement: “Ditto” Feature discontinuation on Windows v.6.8, Android v.9.3, and iOS v.10.3.

We are announcing the discontinuation of the “Ditto” feature with the upcoming release of the following client versions:

  • Windows v.6.8
  • Android v.9.3
  • iOS v.10.3

As of these releases, the “Ditto” feature on these clients will be discontinued. Support for this legacy feature is being discontinued due to a combination of current market demands, and incompatibility with new capabilities such as conditional logic. Discontinuation of the “Ditto” feature will have no effect on existing forms, and no action is required. Customers using previous versions of the client will continue to be able to access the “Ditto” capability on older versions until they upgrade. 

We want to extend our appreciation for your loyalty and would love to answer any further questions or concerns you may have. You can get in touch with us through the following resources:

Customer Support: 1-888-282-4184,
Account Management: reach out to your account manager if you have their direct contact. Otherwise reach out to 1-888-282-4184 or email 
Feature Requests:


What is "Ditto"?: 
Ditto is a mobile app setting.  If enabled,  each time a user opens a new submission, it is pre-populated with every answer they included in their last form submission.  This feature was built for V1 forms (now retired) and provided limited support for V2 forms.



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