Why are "Date submitted" and "Date Uploaded" different dates?



 The 'Date Submitted' is showing a different date than the 'Date Uploaded' section. Why is this and what caused the difference? 



When a user selects submit on their device it automatically creates a Date Submitted time stamp on our server. This isn't to say that the submission has completed and processed in its entirety, it is just intended as a marker for when the user attempted the first upload. When the submission is processed and completed on our server this will be shown on the Date Upload stamp on the submissions page.

Here are some reasons for the gap in the Date Submitted and the Date Uploaded time stamps:

  1. User selected send when they were not on a strong internet connection and when they were on a better connection it processed through to our server
  2. User selected send and immediately swiped out of the app leaving it to not actually send in the background to the server since it was interrupted
  3. User went on airplane mode right after they tried to send the Form 
  4. Potential memory issue on the users device leaving there to not be enough room on the device 
  5. User turned their device off before the Form uploaded to the server

Please note that Support will not be able to see exactly the cause of what occurred on the users device, however we can assist with any uploading issues you see. Please contact Support for any further questions at support@prontoforms.com 

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