I have updated my Data Source and cannot see the changes on my device



I have gone into my Data Source and updated the information. However, when I check my mobile device there are no changes made to the list. How do I troubleshoot this? 



Troubleshooting Steps

There could be a few reasons as to why the new data is not being populated within your Form. In this section I will provide a few key reasons this may be the case 

  1. Try a reconcile or a reset forms in your advanced settings on your app to see if it just didn't download properly on your device.
  2. Please ensure the data that you have changed has been manually uploaded and saved in our server. You can double check this by going to your Data Sources list in the appropriate FormSpace and checking the Last Updated and Last Content Update columns to ensure they match your last changes.2019-10-16-DataSourceRefresh01.png

  3. If you use a cloud-hosted data source (i.e., you have to fetch data from an external source), go to the source of the fetch and ensure new information has been added that would be reflected on the Form. Also, ensure the fetch ran accordingly (i.e that you are checking the data update within the perimeters of the fetch schedule)
  4. Go to your Data Source and check for errors such as missing columns, or cell limit being exceeded (please note that for this option you can contact Support on how to update your cell limit if allowed under your billing tier).
  5. Ensure your question is referencing the correct column by checking the Form Builder, or in the Pages and Questions tab in the web portal.

  6. Sometimes Teams use the same Data Source name across multiple FormSpaces. Please check to make sure the one you updated was from the correct FormSpace of the Form you are looking at.
  7. Please see the following article if your Data Source is not pulling in any information at all: Data Source not Pulling Information into Form Question.

If none of these options help with the data showing on your device please contact Support at support@prontoforms.com 

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