Copying a Draft Version of a Form


Is there a way to Copy a Draft Form?

I am trying to move a Form that is currently in Draft mode, is there a way to copy this when it is not the active version? Currently, if I try to copy a form with a newer draft but an active, deployed version, it only copies the active version.


Copying a Draft Version

If you have a Draft of an existing Active form, selecting Copy from the dropdown menu next to the form name will copy the latest Active version, not the draft. If you wish to copy the Draft version, follow the steps below:

  1.  Navigate to your Draft Form and select Version History from the dropdown menu. Note: if your form has an Active version, the Copy functionality will be shown, but will only copy the latest Active version.
  2. Select Copy from the mouseover menu to the far right on the Draft row to copy your Draft version.

If you do not see these icons or are having any issues with the above steps, please contact Support at or call us at 1-888-762-7472  for assistance. 


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