Our Admin is no longer with the company, how do I access their account?


Our Team Admin is no longer with the company, and we do not have a second Admin to edit the credentials of this one. How can we access our Team settings and/or edit the Admin credentials?



ProntoForms is unable to give out or change the Admin credentials to reflect the changes in the company. Here is a list of things we would recommend doing to help edit the Admin's credentials. 

  1. If there is another Admin on your Team please have them log in and edit the other Admin's account settings to reflect any changes that have been made internally on your Team 
  2. If your IT Team has access to their email address or account, go through the standard password reset process to grant access
  3. Speak directly to the individual who left the company (if possible) to see if they can send you the link, or change it themselves then let you know what the password may be. 

If none of these steps are helpful, please reach out to Support (support@prontoforms.com) as we will have to engage with your Customer Success Manager or your Account Manager for the next steps. Though we will not be able to make the changes for you or your team, we will be able to assist with who to contact for next steps. 

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