'Error, Too Many Cells' error on Data Source



I am seeing an error on my Data Source Stating 'Error, Too Many Cells', how can I fix this error?



Before contacting Support please consider if partitions will be configured or if any could be potentially removed to help with this error. Also consider whether or not your Billing Tier is allowed to have large data sources.

Below is the information to provide Support, please create a ticket by sending the below information to support@prontoforms.com with the title 'Cell Increase'

  • What is the business reason for the cell increase?
  • Are all columns in the data source required? (Or could several be removed to limit the size?)
  • Will partitions be configured? If yes, how many rows/cells will the largest partition contain
  • How often will the data source change data?

This information will be passed to our development team for evaluation and adjustment of the limits on your data source. 

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