How to: Edit the logo on a Document



The logo I have on my Document is not the correct size. How can I edit this? 



In this section I will go over the steps on how to edit the width of your logo to change the size. Please note that if the width of the logo image is not specified, it will default to the image size uploaded by your Team Admin. The width parameters will be necessary if your image is too large on your PDF. 

  1. Go to the Document (PDF) that is attached to your Form that you are looking to edit 
  2. Select Edit Document at the top of the screen 
  3. Go to the Formatting tab
  4. Select the Document Layout subheader 
  5. Scroll down to Document Title 
  6. Under Logo Width, make the necessary adjustments here

  7. Select Update at the bottom of the page to apply the changes 

If this still does not help the logo layout on your PDF output please contact Support at 



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