General troubleshooting steps for app crash



My app crashes at random times (i.e when I send a Form, when I login or when I open a Form). How can I troubleshoot this crash?




There are a few reasons your app may be crashing. In this article I will detail a few primary troubleshooting steps you can run through before contacting Support for assistance 

  • Ensure your device is fully up to date on both the app and your device's OS.
    • To check and see if you are fully up to date please search ProntoForms in your app store and check for an update. 
    • To see if you are fully up to date on your device OS check your device's settings to see if any OS updates are available 
  • Try using Reset Forms (under the app's Settings) or a Reconcile to see if the issue is with downloading your Forms.
  • Send your logs to Support right after the crash occurs so we can look into this more 
  • It is possible an uninstall and reinstall of the app will help with app crashes. However, this action will delete any Forms that have not been sent. If you want to move forward with this please try to send your forms or your drafts to support. Please send your logs to Support before proceeding with this option.
  • If possible please try and send a video recording of the crash as this may be easier for your Support Analyst to understand the nature of it.

If none of these primary troubleshooting steps help please contact support at Please ensure your logs have been sent and provide as much detail as possible (i.e Where and when the crash occurs, steps on how to replicate crash, the Form name you are attempting to send and if there is any error showing up at any point). 


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