Troubleshooting map/location issues in the app



I am having issues with my map/locations settings within the app. How can I fix this?



There are a few reasons you may be having map/locations issues on your device. Please go through the following troubleshooting steps to see if they may help with this: 

  1. Ensure your device's operating system (iOS, Android, or Windows) as well as the app is fully up to date.
  2. Try a reset forms or a reconcile on your device. This ensures that you have the latest data from the ProntoForms server.
  3. Try a hard restart on your device  (External links to follow):
    1. iOS 
    2. Samsung
    3. Google
  4. Ensure you are on a reliable connection (i.e either WIFI or cellular data)
  5. See if any other locations are not on the map or if it is specifically your location in the field that is not on the map. If you see other pins than this would indicate an issue with your Data Source. If this is the case please confirm the Data Source does in fact have all information relating to your location.
  6. Go to your ProntoForms app in your device settings and ensure your locations are turned on for the app.
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  7. Check your native map app on your device to see if it is not working there as well. If it is still not working than there may be damage to your internal geo-location antenna or an issue with your software. If it does work and is only not working in the app please proceed to the following

In the event none of the above troubleshooting steps help please create a ticket with Support at and let us know that the above steps were not helpful in fixing this behaviour. 



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