How to create a screen recording for troubleshooting purposes



If you are reporting an issue you are experiencing in the mobile app, ProntoForms Technical Support might ask you to send in a screen recording of the issue.  This can help them understand what the problem is, and may also help in cases where they are having trouble reproducing what you are describing.

This article describes how to take a screen recording on your mobile device.    

Note: This article describes functionality supported by 3rd-party software applications.  These screen recording capabilities are not officially supported by ProntoForms. 


Steps per operating software (OS)

In this section I will cover each supported OS's unique ways of providing a screen recording. Please note that screen recordings are helpful for Support so we can better understand the behaviours you are seeing and can more accurately try to replicate this during our testing. It is best practice to send your logs to Support as well as a screen recording.


  1. Go to the search bar
  2. Type in and select 'Game Bar'
  3. When something is being displayed on the main page the recording option will be available here
  4. Select the recording option and replicate the behaviour you are trying to show Support
  5. It will automatically save to your recording to your files 
  6. Open your Files under 'This PC' and go to 'Videos' and your screen recordings will be there. 
  7. Attach it to the ticket you have open


Android does not have a built in recording system. You will need to download a 3rd party app for this. The one we recommend using (and it is free to use) is RecMe Screen Recorder or Screen Cam. You can download either of these in your app store (for reference on how to open your app store please review this article)


  • Go to your iOS settings 
    • mceclip4.png
  • Select 'Control Center'
    • mceclip5.png
  • Select 'Customize Controls' and scroll down until you see 'Screen Recording'. After you select it, it should appear at the top of the page in the 'Include' section:
    1. mceclip6.png
    2. mceclip7.png
  • Than you can swipe up from the bottom to see the control settings (i.e camera, calculator, alarm etc). In this section now you will be able to see the following screen recording option
    • mceclip8.png
  • By selecting this it will begin recording right away, please take a recording of the behaviour you are seeing. Once this is done please stop the recording and than attach it in the ticket. 

Please send your recordings to Support and attach them to your ticket. If you cannot attach it within your existing ticket for any reason please specify the ticket number send it to 




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