Authentication Failed. Your session token has expired or is no longer active.


When on my device I am seeing the following error:


What does this error mean and how can I correct this? 



This error indicates that you have been logged out of the app. Please note that logging out of the app means that the Forms are no longer available, and any Forms not sent to our server will need to be redone. 

To help correct this error please consider the following

  1. Do you share an account with anyone who may have used your credentials to login/out of the app? This may cause issues in the long run if so. The reason we do not recommend sharing credentials is if one individual resets the password before you've had a chance to send the Form it will likely cause your session to expire.
  2. Did your Admin make any changes to your user account, such as email address or username? 
  3. Has your Team been suspended or has your Trial finished? This error is typical of cases where the Team is no longer valid.
  4. Your password has expired based on a parameter set in place by your Team Administrator.
  5. Your Admin has edited your password and the one you are logged in with is no longer valid.

Regardless of the reasons it has occurred, the only step to correct this behavior is to go to your app settings, log out and than sign back in. 

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