Form Updates or Dispatches are Delayed in Application


Why are updates to forms and/or dispatches delayed getting through to the Pronto Forms application?


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If you are finding there are delay issues with updates to forms or dispatches not coming in, please go over the steps below; 

  1. Ensure the device is up to date with latest version of ProntoForms (check the application store on device for this).
  2. Check your connection. If you do not have strong signal or Wi-Fi connection this could be causing the delay. 
  3. Try to reset forms, this will help sync up anything that has not already done so itself. Click the settings tab in the Pronto Forms application, then "Advanced Settings", and "Reset Forms".
  4. If all steps above have been tested and issue still occurs please try removing the Pronto Forms application and re-installing. Important: Submit any drafts or forms in outbox before doing this, as it will delete them. 


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