Troubleshooting: Lagging in the app



I am experiencing some lagging in the app, for example, when I scroll through the app it takes longer than normal, or when I select the next page it moves slowly. How can I fix this?



Please note that there are potential other reasons besides the ones listed in this article. If none of them help with your behaviour please contact Support to assist further. 

Please see the troubleshooting steps below: 

  • Ensure your device and the app's OS is fully up to date. To see what the latest version of the app is please have a look through this article 
  • Ensure you are running on a device and OS that is supported by ProntoForms. Please see this article for reference. 
  • Check your device's memory/storage in your settings to see if it is full or very close to full. If it is please remove unneeded data from your device to leave room. 
  • Is the battery very low (i.e less than 10%)? If so try charging your device to see if this helps. 
  • Have you reached your limit on how big the submission can be? (i.e have you seen a pop up saying the submission size is too large?) If so 


The above steps did not help, now what? 

If the above troubleshooting steps were not successful, please try to the following:

Replicate the behaviour one more time, then immediately send your Logs to support 

  • In the email you have created while sending your Logs to Support please indicate that you have gone through this article and the primary troubleshooting steps did not help 
  • After the above is completed please uninstall the app, turn your device off for 5 minutes, reinstall the app and see if that helps (please note that this step will remove any Forms that have not been sent to our server. To negate any data loss please send all Forms in your Outbox or Draft folder). 

Please note that the logs are a very necessary step in the process for the Support Analyst to look into, however once you have sent the logs you can also call us to speak with an Analyst directly at 1-888-762-7472 

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