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When submitting forms to email destinations, sometimes the email destination will not receive them despite knowing the target email is correct on the system. One such reason for this could be that your email was placed on the Suppression List.

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What is a Suppression List?

suppression list is a list of suppressed e-mail addresses used by e-mail senders to prevent spamming or sending to invalid addresses.

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How did My Email Get on the Suppression List?

There are several ways an email can get on a suppression list.

  1. Invalid email at time of delivery
  2. Email was blocked by the hosting server
  3. Firewall Blocks incoming email from Pronto forms Mailing IP Addresses

The above are just a few of the reasons someone’s email can get on the suppression list.

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Is ProntoForms alerted when an email is on the suppression list?

Unfortunately, no. The SMTP is a delivery protocol only. 

This means, that it automatically just sends the email and it is complete. It does not wait for a response once the initial bounce back is received.

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If my Email gets on a Suppression List, why are we (the customer) not Alerted?

As stated above, the current protocol is just a delivery mechanism and is not set up for alert functionality. If you believe your emails are not coming through, you may contact support in order to verify and remove that block on your email.


If you believe your email has been put on the suppression list, or you are not receiving submissions, contact Support at support@prontoforms.com

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