Troubleshooting: PDF not reaching my Data Destination




My PDF isn't being sent to my Data Destination, or isn't being received; how can I troubleshoot this?



One of the most common reasons for this will be discussed below. There may be other reasons as to why this is happening, in which case please open a ticket with Support and give them the full details on this behaviour.

Please see below for troubleshooting steps based on the most common reason for the PDF not coming through to the Destination: 

PDF Not Attached to Destination

The most common reason for the PDF not making it to the destination is that the Destination does not have the PDF attached to it. To be able to see if this is the case, please:

  1. Go to your Form Diagram to see if the PDF is connected to the Destination
    • Shown here is a correctly-configured Document (V2 PDF) connected to an Email Destination (Sample Email Destination).
    • If there is no line between the "Document Templates" box and the "Destinations" box, the PDF will only be available for download from the web portal.

How to Attach Documents to Destinations

There are two ways to attach documents to destinations: through the Form Builder, and through the Form Outputs tab.

Form Builder:

  1. Go into edit mode on your Form
  2. Go to the Destinations tab

  3. Select whichever Destination you are looking into 

  4. Scroll down to the Documents section.

  5. Attach or add a new Document here and then select Save and Deploy if you wish this to go active.


After these steps you will be able to see an arrow on the Form Diagram page connecting the PDF you just edited, to the Destination. It should now look like this:



Through the Form Outputs tab:

  1. Select Form Outputs from the tabs at the top of your form listing.
  2. Select Edit Form Outputs.
  3. Select which documents you wish to send to your desired destination using the dropdown next to the destination name.

  4. Select Update. Your document should now be attached to the destination.

As previously stated there may be other reasons your PDF is not coming through to the Destination. If this does not help your case please contact Support at and give them full details on this. Details needed can be found in this article.

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