My device is showing I have reached the 20MB limit on my submission



I am filling out a Form and I am getting an error saying that I have reached the 20MB maximum for this Form. How do I troubleshoot this?



Please note that 20MB's is the absolute maximum a Form can be when submitting it to our server. There is no way to force the submission through, however I will outline a few steps on how to troubleshoot this. The following may require the help of an administrator in your account.

  1. Go into the app settings and into the 'Account' section 
    • Move your image quality to Small (this will make your images lesser quality but it will help with the submission size)
    • Change the image compression to a higher percentage (the greater the compression the lower quality of photo's and smaller file size)
  2. In the Form builder on the image based questions try having either of the following configured on the picture quality
    • Please note that only the Team Admin will be able to do this
    • Small file will override any settings on the users device
    • Use Device settings will allow users to edit their image quality as outlined in step 1
  3. If not all questions in your Form are required, try submitting your Form in 2 submissions (i.e fill in half of the Form and select send, and than fill in the second half) 
  4. Try editing your Form to remove any unneeded information such as duplicate images 

If you have any further questions about this please create a ticket and let Support know you have tried the above steps. Contact Support at

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