How to delete or cancel a 'Send for Edit' request



Can a Send for Edit be declined or deleted the same way a user can decline a Dispatch or is there a way to do this from Portal?



There is not a way for the target mobile user to decline or delete a Send for Edit. This must be done through Portal by the Team Admin. Please see the following steps on how to do this: 

  1. Navigate to the Form in question in the proper FormSpace
  2. Select "Go to Submissions" from the Form Diagram Page


  3. Select the Submission from that list that is to be canceled for edits
  4. Go to the drop down list under the data record ID 
  5. Select 'Cancel Edits' or 'Delete' (please note that the cancel option will mean the submission is removed from the users device and the original submission will be on the server, whereas the delete option will both remove the Form submission from the users inbox as well as remove the submission from the server)

  6. Have the user perform a reconcile and this will now be removed from their device


If you have any questions about this please contact Support at 

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