Error when using a Corporate Login on Windows 10



I am seeing one of two errors when using Corporate login on a Windows 10 app 

 What does this error mean and is there a fix? 



When you login using corporate login to ProntoForms on Windows 10 it redirects you to Microsoft which is out of our visibility. What is happening is there is some type of blocker or restriction on the Microsoft side which is preventing the users from logging in. It is essentially like a black box in the sense it's hidden from us and we have no visibility into what happens after this handoff. It appears that the VPN/proxy being used is interfering with the login process.

The recommendation for customers is as follows:

  • Check your IP and changing it from internal to external to see if this helps with the users logging in. 
  • Try logging in on an LTE hotspot SSO to see if it works on a different network. This takes the proxy and split DNS and takes it to a different server as if it were offline. Mobile hotspots can work as well. 
  • Another troubleshooting step is to hard code the IP by updating the host file to making it the external IP. 
  • Have the team look through this link as it could be a potential issue with split-brain DNS Https://

Furthermore, we recommend that until this behaviour is sorted out that no users logout of the app or perform an uninstall as we cannot guarantee that even though they were logged in previously, that they will be able to login again. 


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