#How to Clear Location questions in IOS


One of the question types that are available to user is the geo-location question type, which allows you to place your current location, while using a form. Unlike android or Window users, that have an explicit option (small x icon) to change a location question, there is not one for IOS users. However, there is a way to clear map coordinates on IOS, although it involves a few steps.

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1. After a location has been selected, select the map icon found to the side of the question 
2. This will take you to the map area and the location currently selected. From there, select the pin, this will pull up the option to forward or delete the location in question (highlighted is the delete option

3. Once you select the delete option, the location will be cleared on the map. 

4. From the form area, the location question is now empty

If you end up with any further questions, you can contact support for further assistance.


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