Announcing: Support for Salesforce "Files"

What's new in ProntoForms?

When working with Salesforce Data Destinations, you can now choose whether documents and other attachments created by ProntoForms should be stored in "Files"  or "Notes & Attachments."  Choose the option that matches your current Salesforce configuration. 


Background Information

Existing Support: Integrating ProntoForms with Salesforce

ProntoForms has a robust two-way integration with Salesforce, supporting both data sources to import critical data from your CRM into ProntoForms, and data destinations to create or update records of any type in Salesforce, using the data from a ProntoForms form submission.  This includes saving documents and images created by ProntoForms as attachments on those records.

Salesforce Introduces Salesforce Files

Salesforce has introduced a new "Files"  area to store attachments on a record.  This replaces the functionality previously provided by "Notes & Attachments."  The availability of "Files" depends on your current Salesforce version and configuration.

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