Question Text Formatting

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This topic describes how to use question text formatting to make questions and work instructions easier for your users to read.

Introduction to question text formatting

What is question text formatting?

Question text formatting enables you to add lists, headings, bold type, italics, and other formatting to question text, including questions in footers. You can enter the text using a WYSIWYG text editor or actual markdown. The formatted text is displayed on mobile user devices and in the generated PDF documents.

When to format question text

Formatted text makes information easier to scan and read. Use formatted question text with any type of question.

Example of formatted question text

The following examples show how you can format question text to make it easier for your users and customers to read detailed information. The information might include work instructions for your mobile device users or customer signature pages.

The following illustration shows an example of work instructions with no question text formatting applied:

The next illustration shows the improvement in readability when you use question text formatting:

How to format question text


Formatting does not apply to:

  • Answers

  • Section headers

  • Page headers

  • Summary tables in repeatable sections

  1. Add or edit the question that you want to format.
  2. On the General tab, enable question text formatting with the toggle switch.

    Result: The Question Text field shows the formatting options.

  3. In the question text field, you can enter markdown or select from the options in the editor.

    Result: The WYSIWYG editor shows how your question text will look in the mobile device app.

    If you enter markdown directly in the field, the system displays it as formatted text. To see the actual markdown, turn the question text formatting off with the toggle switch. Remember to enable formatting before you save the question.

  4. Continue to configure the question, and then save it.

Supported markdown syntax

You can format question text using the WYSIWYG text editor, or enter markdown in the question text field.

Format Syntax Example
Heading 1


# Header 1

Heading 2


## Header 2

Heading 3


### Header 3


** or __

**Bold using double asterisks**

__Bold using double underscore__

  • or _ 

*Italic using single asterisk*

_Italic using single underscore_

Bold Italics

Nested bold and italics.

***Bold-Italic using triple asterisk***

___Bold-Italic using triple underscore___

Bulleted Lists

* or - followed by a space before text

* Bullet List 1

* Bullet List item 2

* Bullet List item 3

Numbered lists

The number followed by a space before the text

1. Numbered List item 1

2. Numbered List item 2

3. Numbered List item 3

Inline code


`inline code`

Preformatted text


This is pre-formatted text it keeps the spaces that you add and



the line breaks

It can have multiple lines.


Line breaks

Not entered using markdown.

Press Enter/Return to add a line break.

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