Upload an Image to Help Options (Professional Tier)

Changes to the Help Options image upload

We've made some changes to how customers on the Advanced and Enterprise tiers add images to question help content. These changes optimize performance.

If you’re a customer on the legacy Professional tier, you can still attach images to your help options. The following procedure shows you how.

Encode and upload images

  • Remember that too many large files can cause problems when a user downloads a form. Follow this procedure only when you must display an image and the image must be available offline.
  • In the current release, the system doesn’t automatically convert images to Base64.
  1. Find a Base64 image converter—there are a number of these available online, such as www.base64-image.de.
  2. Convert your image to Base64.

    Result: The converter creates code that represents your image.

  3. Show and then copy the code for <img> elements.
  4. In the Form Builder, in the question Help Options tab, set the Provide help to mobile users toggle to ON.
  5. In the Help Type section, select HTML Text.
  6. In the text editor, select the Image option.

    Result: The system prompts you for a URL, as shown in the following example:

  7. In the URL field, paste the copied Base64 image code as shown in the following example.

  8. Select Add.

    Result: The system displays your image in the text editor.

  9. Save your changes.
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