New Release: ProntoForms (Windows) 7.5

Staged roll out started: June 17, 2020
Release: 7.5


What's new 7.5-7.3:


  • Improvements to app-to-app calls to ensure consistency across different platforms.
  • Other bugfixes and improvements.


  • Forms will now automatically open when selecting a form to edit from your Sent box.
  • New Feature Release: Resource Images and Formatted Question Text: Provide additional context for work instructions using Resource Images, and add structure to your forms by using Formatted Question Text.
  • Bugfixes and Improvements.


  • Dropdown questions can now push data to multi-select questions in the Windows app.
  • Improvements to interapp calls, including a new Search command.
  • Other bugfixes and improvements.


How to Download the App



Contact ProntoForms Support for any questions or concerns.

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