Can you use the "jump to" with data source look-ups?

I would like to be able to "jump to" a specific checklist (page) based on a selected project "look-up".

Specifically a checklist for a customers project.

Page 1 would be project selection by user. This would then jump to that projects checklist page.

Is this possible or do you recommend individual forms for each project?

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    Sinan Serifov

    Hey Derek, there are a few different answers to your question, if after you select the project you are taken to  checklist page which has specific questions for that project that wouldn't apply to other projects I would say that having a form per project would be the most ideal. If however you have a standard checklist that would apply to the majority of the projects I would say using a single form which when you select a project would simply navigate you to the checklist page for that project.

    We do have resources that are available to assist through the form design and definition that may be of assistance if you'd like. Simply e-mail us at support@prontoforms.com for us to arrange for an engineer to contact you.

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