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When our techs complete a service call the customer receives a copy of the service order as a PDF attached to an e-mail.

We are running into situations where the customer receives this e-mail and is a bit confused by the verbiage of the actual e-mail.

It currently includes the following

A data submission has been made by: USERNAME (prontousername)

You can view this data submission here: https://live.prontoforms.com/data/181283284

We are having customers call us to ask if they need to pay us to get a copy of the service order because they are clicking on the link which takes them to a Pronto LogIn screen.

Is there somewhere I can change the actual content of the e-mail? I love the new pdf customization but I cannot seem to find a place to change the actual e-mail content.

Thanks Much and Hapy Holidays




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    Sinan Serifov

    Hey Remy, we currently do not have a means to remove the link to the ProntoForms portal that is displayed in the e-mail that is sent. We've taken this to our dev team as a feature request and look forward to seeing the option added in a future server update. To answer your question as to where you can modify the e-mail template, This can be done through the E-mail data destination which is found under formspaces -> data destinations -> E-mail Data Destination.

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