Unable to send forms out!

Hello True Context team.  When one of my area managers try to send out a form, he is receiving an error stating "device previously registered  can't be used."  he has switched back in forth from devices in the past.  Our Pronto forms rep here at our company has instructed that pronto could only be used on one device.

 I have reset the users device on my end, several times in fact, and he still receive same error.  Is there something else I can try.


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    Sinan Serifov

    Hi James, your Pronto rep is correct, to remove a registered device you would need to contact ProntoForms support. to help facilitate the request please e-mail support@prontoforms.com with the username experiencing the issue along with the device they are actively using and we can remove the other devices's.

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    James A. Perez

    Thanks again. I will pass this info along to the rest of our teams when encountering this type of issue.

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