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What constitutes a User?



  • Danielle Morley

    Hello Jody,

    Typically one mobile device is allowed per user account at one time.   However, you can always use a NEW mobile device --  the old one will be "kicked out" and not allowed to use the app anymore.  If your testers do not all need to test the forms at the same time, this might work for you.   

  • Scott Daly

    Note that if a user has a device associated to their profile and the same user tries logging into ProntoForms using a second device, the previous device will be automatically deactivated which supports our new device upgrade logic.  Should the same user try to reuse the previous device they will get an error and Support will need to be contacted in order to manually deactivate second device.  Having to contact Support every time this occurs may not be scalable for you.


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