Is there a way to limit who sees what?

I understand that you can make some information invisible to the user of the forms.

My question is in regards to limiting the information that one person gets from the file, as our customers would be receiving a copy of the form as well. We have some information on our form that we want to keep in house (such as pricing), but the rest of the information is important to the customer. Is there any way to create a rule that sends a full copy to the administrators and a partial copy to the customer?

Thank you. 

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    Danielle Morley


    Yes, if you're sending out PDF, Word, or HTML documents, you can control what questions are shown.  Check out the documentation at this link, under the header "Questions to include.":  https://support.prontoforms.com/entries/88593086-PDF-Word-and-HTML-Documents

    Just create one PDF document to send to your in-house recipients, and a different one to send to your customers,  Be sure to send them with two different email destinations so that the correct recipient receives the correct document.  

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