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Can metadata be formatted?



  • Danielle Morley

    Hello Richard,

    The short answer is -- it depends on where you're looking to format it!

    Anywhere you're using DREL (Data Record Expression Language) -- data record naming, document filenaming, folder naming in data destinations, email subject lines and custom body, etc -- you can format dates and times (from either the metadata or a question).   There's more information here on how to do that:


    If you're looking to change the date/time format on PDF/Word/HTML documents, you can also that:


    If you're trying to do this somewhere else, please let me know where it is and I'll look into it.



  • Richard Howell

    Danielle, I'm mostly dealing with this in the timestamp format above. It is being exported to a Google Sheets spreadsheet and my initial approach was to tackle that here and not via a script executed in the spreadsheet (which would potentially only apply to the user executing the script, not to mention the hassle). If there's a quick way to format it in Google Spreadsheets and have it hold that configuration... well then!

    I am now understanding the date format pattern syntax and options in that regard. My problem is that I don't see anywhere in the question settings or the metadata inclusion table (available >> selected boxes) where there is a DREL formatting option like there is on a Folder or Spreadsheet Name entry. 



  • Danielle Morley

    Ah, I see.  Richard,  you're correct in that these options are not available on the Google Sheets destination.  However, I can see how formatting the dates/times could be useful.   At the moment, it sounds like this will need to be done on the Google Sheets end of things.  

    For the future... I can suggest creating a feature request here: .   Please make sure to explain why the date format is important to you.   Our team looks at these when planning future development and considering which features will deliver a lot of value to our customers. 



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