Dropdown, Radiobutton, Multiselect response options from a data source

Hi Gentle People,

Could we have the response options for Text-Dropdown/Radiobutton/Multiselect questions be pulled from from a data source's column?

If the column contained a string value (eg. "A; B; C; D"), the question's functionality will dynamically assign the individually extracted values to each response option.  The rest of the functionality would remain the same.

An example of a scenario which would make use of this would be the selection of an item from a material list data source where each item can be handled in more than one unit-of-measure (UOM), especially when the UOM list is different for each type of material.

Please see the attached file as a sample Material List data source file.

Yet another thot,



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    Sinan Serifov

    Hi Mike, I believe if I understand the scenario correctly the functionality you are looking for is already built into ProntoForms. The below article describes how you can structure the form to pull information from the data source.

    Lookups / Data Sources

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    Mike Frederick

    Hi Sinan,

    Not quite.  As I see it, the current functionality pulls the information from sequential records/rows in the designated column.
    I want the string value in a field (e.g. "gallon;quart;pint") to be the list of answers to be selected.


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