Be able to use form variables (e.g. %u, %t, %d, etc.) in expressions for default values

Hi Guys,

I would love to be able to use an expression such as "%d+2" as the default value for a date question.  Text questions currently alow you the option to use the username as a default value.  This is useful when you need a visible "who is it" response (you can easily include %u in the RECORD ID), but I want more.

Just a thot,


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    Sinan Serifov

    Hey Mike and thank you for the suggestion, we have brought it forward to our dev team for review, they are open to the idea of adopting an expression language and will review this addition in a future update.

    thanks again and keep the suggestions coming!

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    Michelle Schulmann

    Being able to use Data expression language within the form itself would be huge, especially with geo stamps.  We could pull the address of the geo stamp automatically instead of manually entering in your location.  I have yet to find a simple way to extract different parts of the geo stamp in excel after the data is downloaded.  Being able to replace the userid with the user name in the form would be helpful too.  I hope this gets planned and implemented soon.

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    Murray Sunstrum

    Wow, i'm kinda shocked we CAN"T do this ..... 3 1/2 years later, is there an update on the Dev teams thoughts on this suggestion?

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