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A common scenario is for there to be a variable number of items about which we want to ask a question. For example, I have four installers who are visiting 215 sites and installing equipment there. At each site there is a variable number of items to be installed. I want to use ProntoForms as a checklist for my installers to record that each item to be installed is intact.

For example, at Site A there are 4 Lecterns to be installed, and at site B there are 6.

On page 1 of my form I can select which site I am installing at. But then, on page 2, I'd like there to be 4 questions (one for each of my four items) if I select site A, but 6 questions if I select site B.

In another example, an employee may make a variable number of expense claims in a single form. This week he may have 5 items to claim, but next week he may have 10 items.

At the moment, Pronto assumes that every use of a form has the same number of questions (excepting the ability to skip a page). The only way to achieve the desired result is to include the maximum number of questions that might ever be asked. So in my example above, there always have to be 6 questions, even when this site only has 3 or 4 items to be installed. The ability to adapt the number if questions to different scenarios would be very useful.

I'd also appreciate the change that other users have proposed, that we can enable or disable questions based on earlier answers. For example, the question "Explain how this item is damaged" is only relevant if the checkbox "Item damaged" is ticked. I'd like to disable or hide questions that are not relevant.

Thanks for listening.


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    Danielle Morley Official comment
    Hello all,
    We would like to announce that ProntoForms has completed development of "V2" forms.  With V2 forms comes a brand new Form Builder, as well as the ability to build conditional logic and repeatable sections into your mobile forms.  
    It sounds like Conditional Logic will meet your needs.  
    Note:  At this stage, access to V2 forms is by request.  Please speak to your account manager or our Support team to enable access.
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    Mike Frederick

    Have to say that this sounds like another reason for sub-forms....
    Just a thot.

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    Paula Worrow

    This would be a very userful addition to the product which I would make use of, its available in other alternative solutions so would make sense to keep up with the competition.

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    Elliott Young

    This would be extremely helpful. This is almost necessary to my HVAC company because the number of parts per job we use changes drastically at each job.

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    Danielle Morley

    Early access to Conditional Logic and Repeatable Sections is now available!


    Conditional logic and repeatable sections add intelligent automation to forms and workflows.   These features help workflows adapt to the job, resulting in a more powerful, flexible and user-friendly mobile forms app.  For a feature overview and video,  visit: https://www.prontoforms.com/lp/features/conditional_logic


    These features are available for limited release through Professional Services at this time.   For more information, please contact your Account Manager directly, or call Sales at 1-888-248-0106.


    Additional documentation on sections: https://support.prontoforms.com/hc/en-us/articles/217498738-Structured-Sections-Overview

    Additional documentation on conditional logic:https://support.prontoforms.com/hc/en-us/articles/220682148--Introduction-to-Conditional-Logic

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