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ProntoForms has a vibrant user community where users can swap implementation tips, ideas, and make feature requests

If you have an idea for a new feature you believe would benefit ProntoForms' user base, describing your new feature idea in a feature request is the best way to bring attention to it. Voting for features you'd like to see implemented also gives ProntoForms an idea of what clients are interested in.

When you have a feature request idea, please:

  • first check if the feature request already exists;
  • if it does, comment on the post or upvote - this will ensure you receive email notifications when the post is updated;
  • if it does not, create a request following the steps below.


Creating a Feature Request

When you request a feature, it is because you have a problem you would like us to solve. A helpful feature request includes:

  • information about the problem you would like to solve
  • enough detail for others to understand the problem
  • the context or environment - is the problem happening in the web portal, and if so, which page? Is it happening in the mobile app, and if so, is it in iOS, Android, or Windows?
  • who is impacted by the problem - are mobile users having this problem, or form builders, or administrators?
  • any suggested solutions.

Screenshots illustrating the problem or suggested solution are often helpful. The more clearly you describe the problem, the more likely it is that others will recognize your problem and upvote or comment on the thread, bringing it to more attention from ProntoForms support and development.

Focus on the problem

When requesting a feature, try to focus the request on the problem. While proposed solutions are certainly welcome and helpful, if information about the problem is not included or unclear, we may misunderstand what is needed and develop a feature that does not solve your problem. 

For example, there may be five feature requests from different customers, all proposing a very different solution to the same problem. It is easier for our team to spot the link between all these requests -- i.e., the core problem -- if the problem is openly stated.


Feature Request Examples


Please change the font color in forms to black.

Why this is unhelpful:

  • the problem is not described, just the desired solution
  • there are no reasons given for why the font color should be changed to black
  • the request lacks detail - there is no information given about where this problem is occurring, whether it is in the web portal, in the mobile app on an Android phone or iOS device.


We are experiencing a problem where our mobile users on Android devices have trouble reading the gray text of "read-only" questions in mobile forms because they are using the forms in bright or low light. Please make the text darker so that it is easier to read.

Why this is helpful:

  • the problem is clearly described: the gray text of "read-only" questions is hard to read for certain users
  • it describes who is affected: mobile users on Android devices.
  • it describes the environment: the mobile app


Suggested Feature Request Format


Affected Users:


Suggested Solution:  


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    Charandip Singh

    We are in the mid of designing our form and the repeatable function is good because we have same questions that needs to be entered multiple times, instead of putting about 40 options in the form this function is good and simple. However I need to make sure the data is submitted back to Sharepoint custom list.
    Based on my test with repeatable section data entry notice that the data is captured and send back to sharepoint. However it only sends to one unique field that was define in each data entry area. It does not put the data into other unique fields.

    Affected Users:
    Everyone that would want to use Repeatable section would have this problem when their data destination in sharepoint. Reason being the capturing of data only done based on single field column.

    Prontoform -> SharePoint Custom List (Using Repeatable Sections)

    Suggested Solutions:
    Hoping that SharePoint would capture the field for each value entered in repeatable section in a unique column or data entry table in sharepoint custom list. The repeatable section is really good feature, however at this moment we cannot make use of it, since the data capture is not unique.

    Can refer to my ticket reported for this issue: #107654





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    Danielle Morley

    Hi Charandip,


    For reference, the next time you create a feature request you can do so at this link:https://support.prontoforms.com/hc/en-us/community/topics/200602688-Feature-Requests    with the "New Post" button.   This one just ended up as a comment :)

    I will be reaching out to you privately to discuss the details of what data format you are looking for inside of Sharepoint Custom List when we send data from Repeatable Sections. 

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