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Battery Life


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  • David Garrity

    I performed a test of one on my phone but was wondering if anyone else could reproduce.

    For any form type that has any geo type functionality (stamp, question, etc), upon launching that form, my GPS turns on and does not turn off until I close out of the form or submit the form (it does not matter what page or question has the geo-location functionality).

    For further testing, on the same forms where GPS was running the whole time with geo-stamp, I turned off Geo Stamp. When the forms launched, the GPS did not turn on at al.

    From my test of one, it seems that the application is ProntoForms app is enabling the GPS for the whole time of the form use, even though the geo-stamp is collected on submission of the form. This would explain why our users are experience battery drain when completing forms that have run times of 15 - 30 minutes, as the GPS is running in the background throughout the duration of the form use.

    Has anyone else been able to reproduce this?


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