Forward form partially filled-out to other user.

Will it be possible to forward the form patrtly filled-out by one user to anthor user who will complete the rest of the form ?

Example : Uasr A did answer question 1 till 5 and forward the form to user B, User B will answer question 6 till 10 and complete the form.


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    Jens Busse

    Hello Sjaak

    This can be achieved using Dispatch Data Destinations:


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    Bobby Estep

    If User A sends a form to User B to approve/complete the form, how does User B not just keep dispatching it to himself when he presses send? 


    User A >> User B >> Final Destination

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    Danielle Morley

    Hi Bobby!  You can accomplish that in one of two ways.


    If you have a simple approval process you could have two copies of the same form (the Original and Approval version) with the dispatch destination only attached to the first form.


    Or, you could have one form, with a question at the end to indicate the status ("approved" or "not approved", for example).   On your one dispatch destination, in the "filters" tab, you can set a filter so that the destination only creates a dispatch if the status is "not approved".      

    Does that help? 

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    Chris Gallegos



    How can User B receive the unapproved form then approve to release it to final destination?




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