Multiple signatures using same filename in DREL

As far as I can tell this is a bug. Please let me know if there is a change I should make:

I have the following questions: Name1, Signature1, Name2, Signature2. 

Signature1 and Signature2 have been given their own filename prefix's. "1_" and "2_" respectively. 

When included as email attachments I can see them with the correct names and image content. "1__Signature1_1.png" and "2__Signature2_1.png" for example.

In my FTL document I have the following: 

<#assign Personnel = []>
<#if drel("%a[Name1]")?has_content>
<#assign MEM1 = {"Name":drel("%a[Name1]")!"",
<#assign Personnel = Personnel + [MEM1] >
<#if drel("%a[Name2]")?has_content>
<#assign MEM2 = {"Name":drel("%a[Name2]")!"",
<#assign Personnel = Personnel + [MEM2] >


<#if Personnel?has_content><#list Personnel as Person> 



Where "${Person.Signature}" is in image tags etc... it does display the signature image in my document. 

The issue: Each Name is different, but every Signature is the same. As email attachments the filenames show up differently, but when referencing the image data via the question names they all have the same image as the first signature. This is true for any amount of signatures entered.

When I "View Template Input" the JSON shows the same thing. 



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    Danielle Morley

    Hi Sean,

    I've escalated this as a ticket to our technical support team to help determine if this is a bug or a configuration issue. 

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    Sean Hoey

    Just wondering if there has been an update on this?

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    Danielle Morley

    Hi Sean!   It looks like you have a support ticket open with our analyst Ravneek.  She will be following up with you privately in the support ticket. 

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