API endpoint to check existence of a form

Is there a programmatic way using an API to check whether given form ID exists in given formspace? We would like to automate a validation of our form configuration on various environments.


Also is there a way to dispatch form synchronously using a tag? It would greatly help with maintaining form across multiple formspaces.


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    Danielle Morley


    Thanks for submitting this request.

    For the first...   Form ID's are unique across our system.   Do you really want to query by Form ID, or do you want to query by form name or form tag?

    For the second, you can dispatch by form tag: https://support.prontoforms.com/hc/en-us/articles/228023427-Dispatch-a-Form-with-the-REST-API-using-Form-Tags   This call is asynchronous because it might be a "bulk" dispatch (if many forms have the required tags) which could theoretically time out with a synchronous call. 

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    ladislav Bohm

    Thank you for the reply.

    1) Yes I would really like any way to check whether form with ID exists. Use case is, that we have DEV formspace and we edit a form and copy it to PROD formspace. That creates new form ID and we would like to automate a process to check whether all PROD form ID's still point to existing forms.

    2) This one is a little bit connected to my first question. As I don't see any way to dispatch by form name. Dispatch by tag was one possibility to not having to dispatch by ID's that are possibly changing for us with every form iteration. If I could dispatch by form name or something else than ID like tag synchronously it would make our use a lot easier.

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