Set Field Default value based on a different field

It would be nice if you could use Date Record Expression Language (DREL) to set the default value of a field.

Example:   In field "After Hours Contact" , I want to have a default value from the field "Day Contact".   When I type in %a[Day Contact] as a default value for Field, I get the text "%a[Day Contact]" instead of the actual name.



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    Erin Longhurst Official comment

    Hi Lenny,

    It's possible to do this (with caveats, see below) using a conditional logic rule that sets the "After Hours Contact" to the answer to "Day Contact", so long as "Day Contact" is answered:

    However, please note that if your mobile users are moving back and forth through the form, or if there are dispatch workflows, the conditional logic might re-trigger and overwrite any new answer your mobile users entered. 

    I hope this solves your problem, and I'd be happy to hear your feedback or further details on this feature request.

    Thank you,

    Erin Longhurst

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    Lenny Cumberledge


    Having the field overwrite itself when the user went back to that page is what I was trying to avoid

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