Skip to end conditional logic

It would be great to have conditional logic to be able to skip to a particular page if conditions are met.

Our situation is that we have a form with over 50 pages. If a condition is met at the start of the form which requires the user to be taken to the end of the form; you have to select each page in the logic and set as not visible.

The ability to be able to just skip to a page would save a lot of time.



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    Danielle Morley

    Hi Joe, 

    Thanks for submitting this request -- we value your feedback on the platform. 

    This feature is not specifically planned at this time.  However, as we are seeing more and more customers build forms that represent complex workflows like this, we are considering ways that we can simplify the building of conditional logic -- so this (or a related feature that accomplishes the same thing -- we have heard several requests to multi-select pages within conditional logic) may be considered in the future.  

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