Employing OAuth as a Usable Authentication for APIs when using HTTP GET data source

We are wanting to pull our data from a specific BI platform that we use and bring that data into ProntoForms so that we can create different forms with said data . However, the only way to access our BI platform's API is by using OAuth as the authentication method, which Pronto does not employ.

It would be great if ProntoForms would give its customers the option to be able to connect to an API by using OAuth as well instead of only using Basic authentication when creating a new data source via a HTTP GET request. This would give not only us, but other customers, more flexibility when connecting different APIs using the HTTP GET method in order to create data sources, while also creating a more secure option.


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    Danielle Morley

    Hi Tony,

    Thanks for submitting this request!   

    I'm happy to say that an area that we are focusing on is the connectivity of our webhooks to 3rd-party API's,  and that OAuth as a connection method is currently planned for development. 

    I don't have an exact timeline to give you here yet, but I can keep you posted!

    Our of curiousity, which BI platform are you connecting in to?  I'd like to take a look at their API to make sure we have all our other bases covered in terms of supporting you. 

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    Tony Kullman

    Hi Danielle,

    Thank you for the response. That is exciting to hear! We currently are using Domo as our BI platform.

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    IT Admin

    I believe we need a similar feature but for Dynamics 365. Curious if there any product update on the development as this thread was about 6 months ago. 

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    Becky Gibbs Murray


    Just wondering if there's been any updates on a delivery timeline for OAuth? We'd love to be able to leverage OAuth for our API connections as well. Thanks!

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