Use Form Space Logo when user launches the App


For companies with many departments, it would be useful if we can display a form space logo when a user first starts the App (before going into forms, drafts, etc...) so they only ever see their departments Logo. 

Perhaps even being able to override the logo on a "per user" basis would be the easiest solution here.




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    Danielle Morley

    Hi Patrique,

    Thanks for submitting this request.    

    In our system, users are often assigned to many FormSpaces, so this can't be implemented exactly as suggested; and per-user management would be a lot of work for our customers with 1000's of users.

    However, I understand the request to show a different logo to users in different departments (we currently handle this well on documents that are sent out to customers; the formspace-level logos we DO support only affect documents currently). 

    We'll keep you updated on any development here.

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    Patrique Paquette

    Hi Danielle,

    I was thinking of just having an override option, so no extra management would be required UNLESS it was specifically needed for that user.  By default, team logo would be used as normal.

    Keep me in the loop!




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