Constrain user response based on configuration questions


Is there a way to constrain user responses based on a response to a configuration question? 

For example,

Question 1: What is the unit of temperature (C/F)

Question 2: Measure Temperature value

The expected range for question 2 would depend on the answer to 1 (30-35 C or 85-95 F).

Ideally there would be an Answer Exception+ Comment required for the out-of-range answer.

Of course, I could solve this problem by having two versions of Question 2 with different limits and show/hide the appropriate question. But we also have situations where the configuration question does not have fixed answers.

A (somewhat contrived) example is 

Question 1: What is the outside temperature today

Question 2: Measure temperature value 

The expected range for question 2 : (Outside temperature) +/- 10 degrees.


Appreciate any advice for this problem.






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