Alternating colored rows in dropdown questions.

Hello support,


We would like to see the option to enable alternating colors on our dropdowns. Especially with long lists/data sources, having a color or line to separate each item would be helpful on the eyes and the ability to focus. 


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    User: Bill C.

    I have a similar wish-list item, Rene. With embedded repeatable sections, it is quite easy to lose track of where you are in the menu hierarchy, and I've thought it would be nice to have visual cues such as consistent color changes as a guide for users.

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    Rene Arsenault

    Hello Support, just wondering if I could get a response on this as its almost been 3 months since posted. 

    Let me know, thanks. 

    Also, Bill C's comment aligns with our wants/needs with the application. 

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    Danielle Morley

    Hi folks,

    Thanks for submitting these requests.   We don't have any immediate-term plans here, but we'll keep you updated on any development. 

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