Count Pass/Fail

One of our standard forms is used to record a serial number and the status of the inspected part (either a Pass or a Fail). It's quite normal to have a 100+ records per form submission.

We would very much like a feature similar to COUNTIF in excel so we can have a simple summary at the end of the form.

This is what we'd use in excel =COUNTIF([Range],"Pass")



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    Erin Longhurst Official comment

    Hi Nathan,

    That sounds very much like an ideal use case for Exceptions, and more specifically, the Exception Recap question type. You could set up an exception to trigger on the "Fail" status, and then add an Exception Recap on the final page of your form that would count up the number of triggered exceptions of that type.

    I hope this suits your needs! If you have any questions or comments, please let us know.


    Erin Longhurst

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    Nathan Lewis

    I think it will, thank you!

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