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Question about "required" attribute


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  • Patrique Paquette

    I've noticed this issue as well.  However, if you selected the page option "Always submit data from this page (unless ignored by conditional logic)", the page gets flagged with an error when you attempt to submit.  If this option is not selected, you can submit without visiting the page.

    Pages are also marked with a check mark when using the navigation menu to navigate to the next page rather than using the "next page" arrow.  It would be better if using the navigation menu didn't automatically place a check mark for the page, but reacted the same way it does when using the arrows to navigate (sadly not the case).

    p.s. for the form settings, you can also select "show only visited pages" so the user cannot skip to later pages

    EDIT: noticed android phones do not properly enforce all pages, though I was informed a fix is currently being worked on for android phones.  No ETA


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