Re-Assign Dispatches

We heavily rely on dispatching all of our inspection the day prior once confirmed to our inspectors in the field. It would be a great feature for the admin to be able to move or send the dispatched inspection to another user from the Admin portal.

Example- Inspection dispatched the day prior. An inspector/user calls out sick. Instead of deleting all of the inspector's inspection from the admin portal you could retract and re-send to another inspector/user from the admin portal.

Example- The client cancels inspection and moves to another day. Admin could retract and resend to the following day and possibly another user.


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    Danielle Morley

    Hi Josh,

    Thanks for submitting this.  It sounds like you're looking to re-assign a dispatch to a different user.  I've updated the title of this request to better reflect that.

    I understand how this feature would better support a lot of real world problems -- cancellations, reschedules, and changes in availability of technicians.   This is something we are thinking about quite a bit.

    We will keep you updated here on any development.

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    Josh Spence

    Great thank you. Looking forward to future updates.

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    IT Admin

    I'm a little surprised this isn't a basic feature. Cancellation, reschedules, accidental dispatch are all very common things. I'v been scratching my head for hours trying to figure out how to reassign a dispatch item.

    The other thing use case we are looking for that stems off of this is we have Dispatch to Data Destination. We were hoping to have it go to a user who would act as a waiting slot /Que or scheduler, then they would reassign as needed. For example our Install team start one form that has pictures, submits the form that auto generates a Form 2 for our service team who comes back a day later to finish up setup and monitoring. We don't always know who the tech will be. So was hoping to use the reassign feature. 

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